Where Will the Next Spiritual Awakening Occur?

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Personal Evangelism
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Through my consulting with pastors, state denominational leaders, and associational/directors missionaries I am hearing of a heavy burden to reach their town, or Micropolitan center. What is a Micropolitan center? It is a city or town of more than 10,000 and to 49,999 in population.

In consulting with a pastor, recently called to a new pastorate, he discovered that the church members have a desire to reach their community with the gospel.  This community has one of the largest State fairs every year, over 500,000 people visit the fair in just ten days. This pastor shared his vision for reaching the participants at the fair with the gospel.

My research has shown Micropolitan centers are still open to having church groups, ministries have a presence at their fairs. The people in these communities are more open to the gospel. They have a God consciousness. They are still aware that one day they will answer to God for their sins. A people who are aware of God and a coming judgement are fertile ground for evangelism.

A simple strategy for eating an elephant is one bite at a time and not trying to consume the entire elephant in one swoop. So winning a Micropolitan are for Christ is a good approach, especially when there is an openness to the gospel and for laborers who desire to go win their community.

I recently consulted with an Associational Missionary on the East Coast. He shared how God woke him up in the middle of the night and laid a burden on him and the desire to win his city for Christ. As we discussed his vision, I began to paint a picture of how reaching his city for Christ might look. I began to lay out a strategy for developing the leadership in his community. The leadership team  would then would promote and recruit churches and believers to take the gospel into the streets and communities.

To have an effective evangelism campaign or effort you must have a good strategy. A strategy should not create more work for you. The purpose of a strategy is to discover the resources and tools available to you so you can easily accomplish your task.

A good strategy consists of working with people and finding a common ground to work together for a common purpose or end result. I have over ten years of consulting with churches, associational missionaries, and denominational leaders to develop strategies to impact their communities and cities for Christ.

For more information, go to www.m28evangelism.com or email me at m28evangelism@gmail.com


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