About Victor

Victor Benavides has been a follower of Jesus Christ since the age of 26. He is writer, author and speaker.
He is praying for an evangelism renaissance in our churches. Victor has been served the Southern Baptist as a inner city director and metropolitan coordinator since 2001. He is currently serving as adjunct teacher for New Orleans Baptist seminary and is a recruiter.

Victor has preached in churches across the United States since 1999. He has preached to hundreds of people about Jesus Christ and has been part of an urban ministry where over 22,000 people have asked Jesus Christ to forgive their sins and given their lives to Him. He has mentored men how to live the spirit filled life and how to engage people in witnessing conversations from all walks of life. He has mentored men seeking ministry positions.

 Victor has earned degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Divinity with Biblical Languages, and a Doctor of Ministry from a theological seminary. He is currently writing a book on evangelism and has written articles and resources and training materials in the area of evangelism and follow-up. He as lectured and conducted seminars in evangelism, prayerwalking, and follow-up with new believers.  You can schedule Dr. Benavides for a seminar at sending an email to m28evangelism@gmail.com 


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