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People who claim to be Christian converted to Islam. This is why we need more “Followers of Jesus Christ” sharing their faith with everyone. We need more Pastors giving evangelistic invitations. Evangelism is about obedience and holy living. (Breaking the Evangelism Code”


Why Follow Up with Visitors?

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Why do Church Visitation?

2 Timothy 2:1-2 teaches us that:

Therefore, my  son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. These things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

Paul was Timothy’s chief teacher of Christ. Paul alludes to the many witnesses who could testify of Paul teaching young Timothy of the truths about Christ. He instructs the young disciple to entrust the lessons he learned to others who could teach others. This is an important principle for understanding the development of the early church. Specially selected men who possessed the two qualities of faithfulness and ability to teach were to be set apart for the task of handing on the teaching. [1]

         Evangelism is taught and caught. You can read about witnessing all you want but until you go out and see evangelism first hand, you won’t truly learn how to become an effective witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.  We all have to agree that the church’s role is to make lasting disciples. Wow! Now wouldn’t it be awesome if every person who visited our church became an active member of our church.

But the reality is and we must all admit that we are not getting 100 percent new visitor retention and involvement and activation. By the way, not even Jesus had 100 percent retention. Why you just have to read the Gospel of John 6 and see that “many left him” after He preached some difficult sayings and messages and principles. But anyone worth his salt in ministry strives to see a retention that would make Jesus proud.

Starting a visitation ministry in your church is vital for your ministry and church if you plan to aid God in growing the church. One question I get at many conferences is the concept of visitation biblical? Yes it is. Why just read the gospels and you will see Jesus going to the home of many individuals. One instance is when Jesus went to the home of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10. He also went the Peter’s home and healed his mother Mark 1:29-39.

The purpose of visitation is it communicates to people the church is concerned and cared about them and their well-being.

Who is a prospect, any person who has visited the church or event and you do not know if they are born again or have a home church. The chemistry of your teams that make the visits is important. There are team leader qualifications, and learner qualifications as well as disciplines for both.

There are many other points to the lesson of “How to Start a Visitation Ministry” for your church. You can contact me, Victor Benavides at and schedule me for a church or area wide church training/conference.

[1]Carson, D. A.: New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition. 4th ed.Leicester,England;Downers Grove,Ill.,USA : Inter-Varsity Press, 1994, S. 2 Ti 2:1

How should we approach reaching NYC, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, Denver, CO,Washington,D.C.with the gospel? Having worked in and researched the metros and read, studied, parsed the New Testament and the information on the people in the metros, should be take the apostle Paul’s approach to reaching Corinth.

When we read the letter to the Corinthians by the apostle Paul, we see that he mentions different people groups. In first Corinthians we Gentiles, Jews, Greeks, slaves or free. We can image that Corinthwas a melting pot of races and languages, and dialects. Corinth, the capital of the provinceof Achaia, was a city of social, cultural, and religious diversity. As we research the metropolitan centers we see that an identical people group situation occurs. Our metros are also a melting pot of people from various races.

So how do we strategize to reach the cities with the gospel? How do we determine which method or activity of evangelizing lost people who have different religious backgrounds, Jewish, Islamic, Hindi, Buddhist, Catholicism, and many other forms? If we say that we believe that God’s Word is relevant today as it was two thousand years ago, then we must read and study the various methods used in the Acts or Pauline epistles.

In Acts we see that Paul went into the various cities and used a similar approach to proclaim the gospel. He talked to small groups of people and large assemblies. In several cases Paul found resistance and once was stoned to death, in Lystra, where God sent him back into the city to continue witnessing.

Paul sought groups of people who were seeking God or a god in their hunger to satisfy their inner religious void to connect what they believed and turned it into a conversation about Jesus Christ. Paul used a conversational and proclamation style of evangelism. He let the Holy Spirit lead and the context guide how he witnessed to people.

InActs 17Paul listened to different religious leaders express their views on who or what god might be? Then Paul connected with them through their poetry and segwayed into Jesus Christ being the Creator of all things and declared that all men needed to repent and mentioned the resurrection. 

How was Paul’s message received? In my sermon the Sneers, the Hearers, and the Believers, I point out that there were three responses to Paul’s message as found in verses 32-34 inActs 17. People respond differently to the gospel. Everyone is at a different place in his or her spiritual journey. Those people who are close to being saved will respond in trusting Jesus, others in a more distant place are not ready and can and may respond negatively. 

Our approach to evangelizing lost people should not be dictated by how they will respond but if God’s Spirit sends you to go witness. Our God has commanded us to go Matthew 28:18-20so we must go and win disciples. If the early Christians let the people’s Gentiles response to the gospel determined if they proclaimed Jesus or not we may not have the gospel as we know it today in parts of the world.

So how should we approach reaching the metros, our cities, our towns and our communities? Just readMatthew 28:18-20,Acts 1:8and other Great Commission passages. We are to go.     


The Resurrection Mural

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The Resurrection Mural

This artist was commissioned to paint a mural of the resurrection to be displayed at the Museum of bibical art in Dallas, Texas. It is amazing.

Here is a great explanation by Dr. Raiv Zacharias on can all religions be true at the same time.

There may be more prayers lifted up in hell by people who are crying out to God to someone to tell their loved one and friends about Jesus Christ

What if you when down a road after several miles and realized you had missed an opportunity. What if you had determined a particular course to take because it is someone’s idea or pet- project. If you listen to the national news or Internet news sites the homeless rate is increasing weekly. Are we missing a great opportunity to reach, minister and share Jesus?

On one national news report a school district Representative stated that last year their district had 1,500 students who were homeless. In 2011 the percentage was higher. Not even are there elementary, middle school, and high school children who are homeless, there are students attending colleges and universities who are homeless. At a local university, a student asked for food and a place to sleep because he is homeless, even though he is a registered student and attending classes.

A real need that is hitting home literally is the increasing number of families who are becoming  homeless. Families are having to live our of their cars and in tents across our communities as fathers and mothers are losing their jobs. This is a real need that our churches can meet by assisting these struggling families.

Yes we need to start new churches, because some of the existing churches are doing very little to nothing to meet these hurting people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual needs. Is this what Jesus called self-righteousness? Hopefully the new churches will focus on meeting the needs of the homeless but what if they are only focused on reaching the middle class, or affluent or the millennial’s and follow in the foot steps of the existing churches? Then will these new churches be just like the established churches?

Christians have missed opportunities to minister in Jesus name over the years and lost opportunities to connect and reach their communities. Meeting physical needs is building a bridge to earn the right to share the Good News. Are the churches missing an opportunity to share Jesus by not starting more ministry centers that provide food, a hot meal, clothes, shelters for homeless families?

Starting a church is a good thing if its DNA has community ministry and evangelism built into it. The New Testament, primarily the gospels and the book of Acts has many examples of the New Testament church doing ministry internally and externally. Internally we are to help our church family. Externally we are to help the families with the intent of sharing Jesus with them and leading them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In three or five years will the church look back the road it is currently traveling and realize that a great opportunity was missed? We may have many new churches across the country but in the meantime we will have missed a sector of people who had a great need and the church universal missed connecting and reaching them with the gospel.