Six Benchmarks that Prove Your Evangelism Efforts are Intentional

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Personal Evangelism
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Do you ever catch yourself asking the question, “Are we really intentional in our outreach/evangelism efforts?” I have been asked that same question in the many meetings with pastors, staff and churches across our nation. The fact that you are asking the question(s) reveals you are on the right path to becoming more intentional in your evangelistic efforts.

I decided to create a list of benchmarks so you can know if your church is doing intentional evangelism. (Note that this is not a comprehensive list). I think these six benchmarks or metrics give insight whether your ministry is intentional and helps your church to reach a level of intentional evangelism.

  1. Your overall evangelism strategy includes and starts with moments, and a season of prayer
  2. Every event and ministry at your church has a component, time slot for visitors where they will hear or discuss a gospel presentation
  3. You offer weekly, quarterly and bi-annual trainings for your church how to share your faith, how to make disciples, and praying for the lost
  4. Your church calendar includes events where the community is invited to attend with an attitude of intentionally proclaiming the gospel
  5. Your church provides gospel tracts, pamphlets, booklets which are easily accessible to church members so they are always prepared to give away, distribute, and share the gospel
  6. Your overall evangelism strategy includes a component for intentional follow up with all visitors who come to your church, regardless of the venue. Follow up is a great opportunity for your church to share the gospel. Your follow up should occur within an appropriate time frame following the event or their visit.

For more information on training your church in evangelism, prayer, and follow up, go to to learn about the various trainings offered.

Or you can order the Breaking the Evangelism Code, on

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